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SONY: Half of Australians Grabbing a PS4 Launch Day Will Skip Work


SONY: Half of Australians Grabbing a PS4 Launch Day Will Skip Work

Next Gen Fever strikes Australia November 29

by Daniel Geikowski

Gamers everywhere are no doubt the most excited when the next generation of video game consoles are on the horizon. Much like a highly-anticipated game release, many people camp out at midnight, waiting to get their hands on it as soon as humanly possible. A few gamers even schedule a day off to play their newly-acquired game to their heart’s content.

However, this small number of people struck by the gaming fever seems set to become a full-blown epidemic come November 29th. For seven years in the making, Sony’s next gen console, the Playstation 4, will be released on Australian shores. The growing excitement from the US seems to have fueled the furore over here in the land of Oz.

In a media release sent out earlier today, the SCEA claim that:

Unprecedented absenteeism could be expected this Friday with gamers not planning to wait another day to play their new PS4.  52% of Australians collecting a PS4 on launch day have stated that they will not be going to work this Friday.

Maybe next generation console releases should be considered a public holiday?

PS4 launch events begin tonight, with many retailers holding launch eve events, including:

  • 320 EB Games stores
  • 43 JB HiFi stores
  • Dick Smith, whose official launch event, being held in the Sydney Central store, gives gamers the possibility to purchase the last 300 remaining units available launch day.


Michael Ephraim, Managing Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, said:

The PS4 launch is set to be the biggest in our industry’s history. This is not 

only because of the volume of Australians that have been clamouring to get their hands on one this side of Christmas, but now also because of the expectation of a huge number of gamers planning to stay home and play with their new PS4 on Friday. Sounds to me likes it’s almost a national play day.

A National Sony PlayDay?

Much like the Xbox One’s launch last week, the release of the Playstation 4 come tomorrow will certainly rival, if not top the massive success of a next gen console launch. While it might not have the most impressive launch line-up of major titles compared to the Xbox One, the PS4 has some great upcoming titles available in the very near future.

Gamers are no doubt eagerly anticipating the release of the PS4, but do you think that over half of Aussies picking it up will take the day off from work?

The number of ‘sick’ employees tomorrow is set to skyrocket, let’s just hope that nobody has their boss as a friend on the PSN Network.

PS4 launches in Australia on 29 November and will retail for a recommended retail price of AUD$549.95.

©2013 Daniel Geikowski
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1 Comment on SONY: Half of Australians Grabbing a PS4 Launch Day Will Skip Work

  1. Same situation here in England – PS4 has totally sold out of all pre-orders up until next year in the UK. This is hottest product this Christmas.

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