“Stop Buying Games!”

“Stop Buying Games!” –

It’s in Australia’s “interest” . . . ?!

By dkpatriach


©2008 David Hilton

xboxoz360_icon-55x55.jpg    So screams yesterday’s Courier-Mail headline. Okay, to be completely honest the headline never actually said ‘games’, but it did say “Stop Spending, Warns Reserve”. The first paragraph reads: “Australian consumers have been given a blunt warning to stop big spending or risk more interest-rate pain”.

You see, the Reserve Bank of Australia once again raised our interest rates and the banks have added a bit to that percentage on the side for themselves too. Apparently, and I’m no economist, the reason we are now approaching 10% interest rates on home loans in Australia, when everywhere else seems to be seeing their rates go down, is our rampant spending on imported luxury goods. And video games and consoles are imported luxury goods (though some might dispute the ‘luxury’ part and claim they are a ‘necessity’).

The Reserve Bank does add that there are a number of factors that influence interest rate rises, but I’ve forgotten most of them except “stop spending”. The interest rate rises are my fault for spending money on my new PS3 console, High Def TV, and all those games over the last year.


I should have given up the Halo Special Edition and Beowulf games (though that game I should never have bought because it’s crap). I have been contributing to inflation by buying all this on my trusty well worn credit card and my New Year’s resolution should have been to help to fight that inflation by committing to stop buying games. For my own benefit yes, but also for the good of the country. I mean I’ve still got over five games I’ve either not started or not finished for goodness sake!

Mind you another article in the same paper on page 4 points out that “despite rising rates and stock market turmoil, Brisbane BMW said local demand for luxury cars had risen sharply in the past six months, with its sales up 70%”. And the Government is still going through with its promised tax cuts, which also won’t help. But the message is that every one should do their part or face the consequences and that obviously means you and me, and apparently not the rich people or the Government.


So what can we do? Well with the Xbox 360 Core Arcade Pack with memory card at $A 339 this week at Target and probably price cuts all round soon, I don’t see people not buying game consoles…With Grand Theft Auto 4 being released soon, I don’t see people not buying games either…And besides, do we want to kill off the gaming industry in Australia?

Maybe we should have something like those environment offsets you can buy when you fly these days? An economic offset say. So if you buy a $99 game, you then have to forfeit that Ipod you thought your girlfriend would like. She would be sacrificing for the greater good in the fight against inflation and lower interest rates.

07range_129thumbnail.jpg 70in_lcd_hd_tv_set_c.jpg

Of course in today’s “see it, want it, buy it, pay later” society this fight is going to be a hard one.

I’ve now done my part however. I’ve told you to stop buying games- so go and cancel your pre-order for GTA4! You see, if I can convince enough of you to do just that, then I’ve offset my upcoming purchase of Alone In The Dark; which is exactly what I’ll be when the creditors start reclaiming all my stuff, my family leaves me, and I can no longer afford electricity….

©2008 David Hilton

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4 thoughts on ““Stop Buying Games!””

  1. After spending thousands of dollars on games I’ve recently decided not to buy any more impulsively.
    There have been difficult moments but it’s getting easier 🙂
    To buy a game now I must comply with my new rules – it must be reduced in price, one I’m (family) is interested in (no more bargain bin impulse buys that never get played), a long anticipated game … Fable2 🙂

    I’ve gone from buying 2-4 games a month to about one.

    Peer pressure does not help, the other day I was logged in and playing Bioshock (great game) and I get a message saying “why r u playing Bioshock it’s old”.
    I replied “what difference does it make if the games 3days or 3yrs old, I’m enjoying it !!!”

    Given time I would have responded with something much cleverer, but I was momentarily stunned, there are people actually out there who think like that.


  2. Since The beginning of This year i knew straight away what i was getting myself into in terms of buying games, i had a whole list of games with the ” must-have-it-now ” mentality, but i have actually held off very good seeing my list going from i think it was 15, now down to 9-10 games. Thats still a lot for me.

    But i need to start saving my money as of now because at the rate I’m going, well i don’t have as many games as many others do but for me it is just a lot. So i need to sit and think about my next purchase because i honestly don’t think games need to be priced so high at $100 at some stores or $90 at others, $79 sound reasonable for the content provided.

    Take Shadowrun for example, that is just a Multi player only games with really no Single Player campaign except for a bot match on all different maps, yet the retail price for that at most stores was from $90-$100 when it came out, which seems ridiculous.

    So my purchases now need to be prioritized, quality over quantity, instead of buying games for the sake of saying i have it now, it needs to be which games will give me value for money, will i still be playing this game 5 months down the track? will this game satisfy me and be enough to justify why i purchased it? it’s those questions i need to ask myself, not this games looks awesome, i need to buy it. or this game has uber graphics and 2 reviews say its great.

    Like i have said in the Xbox Forums in a few of my posts, Quality over Quantity.


  3. I’d have to admit, my buying of games has certainly waned off considerably since the 360’s been here.

    Not because of the cost of the games, as they are actually very similar to early gen xbox games, and game prices have remained constant for nearly a decade. But due to other factors that come into play that take precedent over buying games.

    Plus the shear number of games out now far exceeds those that were available in the Last-Gen era. Where a few games a month was great. Now it can be upwards of 8 games or more a month.

    And they are often all good games, well worth the money or time spent on them. And yet, the funny thing is, this constant “must-have-it-now” mentality just seem sto get worse, and many just demand even more.


  4. If only we did have the power as individuals to stop these interest rate rises, though as a collective its a different story. Has the modern materialistic world really made things better………..
    People are already stretched thin, how long until they break?

    Oh one more thing, I cant stand seeing people, smoking, drinking and gambling when they can barely afford to put dinner on the table, its time Aussies got their priorities straight.

    I think games will be few and far between from now on for me, Birthday’s and Christmas only (though I can make an exception for GTA IV and Fable 2) 🙂


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