Motion Sensor Control for Xbox360 – “Newton” – Could this BE the new motion sensor device for MS’s console ?

“Newton” – A Slick Motion Sensor Controller for the Xbox 360 . . . ?

Something a little different perhaps, or all just hot air . . . we seriously don’t think so !

by XboxOZ360

© 2008 Grant Smythe:

We have all heard a lot of rumblings about a Wii-remote style controller for the Xbox 360 for a little while now. With various members of the Xbox Executives coming out with comments alluding to the ‘possibility’ of such a device. The Ex Xbox chief Peter Moore commented that the company had “plans” early last year, and that it needed to bring back some fun into gaming on the console, with every enthusiastic outgoing Microsoft chairman Bill Gates also dropped further ideas several months later.

But new news has arisen of late and the skuttle-butt is that the Newton is the new boy-on-the-block. News that has been ‘confirmed’ by the “I can now confirm the existence of the Xbox Wiimote clone project and I can tell you the project code name : “Newton

There have been several visions of what it may look like however, this one on the right which has popped up recently, bears a much closer resemblance to something MS Xbox-Div would or could quite possible come out with if given the go-ahead, if they haven’t already been given it. Which is highly likely.

More article and pics after the jump:

With more and more Family Orientated disc-based games hitting the 360, as well as the huge array on XBLA, a need for something simple like this, rather than a bulky controller is definitely needed. Don’t get me wrong, the 360 controller is arguably the best fitting and functioning controller of the modern consoles, but a slimmer and more family friendly controller is definitely needed. This one could quite well ‘fit’ the bill nicely.

The reports began from an MTV report gained from MS insiders/tipsters that they were working on a project that was hopefully scheduled for release at the end of this year (2008). With major differences said to be are the presence of the normal four X box buttons, an analogue stick/D-Pad as well as a microphone.

This would fit in with another suggested idea for the controller as it would be the ability to work in with an Xbox Live Vision Camera. Thus giving many of the newer family orientated games much more appeal. It will also include a speaker and mic to work in with this function.

This rumour has received a great deal of support from reliable tipsters within the industry, and there’s no hiding the fact MS Xbox-Div have been considering the idea of a motion-sensing device for some time now, and there’s been many a discussion about it in the press with execs not ruling it out in any of those interviews or discussions.

Anyone with half a brain can see the huge success Nintendo’s motion-controlled Wii Remote has had, and it is cited as one of the primary reasons for the Wii’s huge success so far. As mentioned earlier, this helps break down the barriers of non-gamers or casual gamers have when entering into the broader family orientated game market. The need for noon-gaming pad controller is evident in the Wii’s success.

Sony’s Sixaxis on the other hand (due to it still being a controller pad) has been less well-received by both end users and developers, which then leaves Microsoft as the only ‘Major” This-Gen player without any type of motion-sensitive controller. So we will all have to wait to see if further clues arise at the upcoming E3 and Leipzig games conferences during 2008.

Naturally Microsoft’s usual response of “we do not comment on rumours or speculation” is always touted when such things are brought to light, but time will tell, and it is certainly not without merit or need. We at x360/XboxOZ360-gamer give this a high probability of being close to the mark.

© 2008 Grant Smythe:

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14 thoughts on “Motion Sensor Control for Xbox360 – “Newton” – Could this BE the new motion sensor device for MS’s console ?”

  1. I understand exactly where you’re coming from mate, having been in business several times in the past, you learn from many of your mistakes.

    One of those being that to narrow down your opportunities is basically a recipe for disaster, yet conversely, spreading your options way too thing, can do the same thing. So there’s a need to find your path in amongst it all.

    This comes from starting out with one “main goal” . . and then opening up on that as time passes, rather than opening several shop fronts, and hoping everyone comes into each one. If any of that makes sense.


    Much like this site. Many wanted me to include this, and that, and what about doing this, everyone else is. Truth is, We could, but, we could also loose those ppl who simply come because we do NOT include all the other stuff EVERYONE else does.

    We now can slowly open up the store as it were to include more things, yet still stay focused on one main aspect, the 360 and its future iterations.

    We’ll get into the history of the Xbox as a system, yet it’s something I wanted to do straight off, but it has to wait.

    Casual gaming is the same for MS, it needed to se=establish XboxLive as the forerunner on the net in console gaming – which it has done.

    It needed to come in strong and establish strong connections with developers with easy to use dev tools to win over both dev and publishers alike, which it has done.

    It needed to build a steadly growing userbase, and then by doing so, have a strong and substantial and continually growing attachment rate, which it is. Now they can begin to open up the other doors, the ones that they know will bring in more users, different users. As statistics show that those users are NOW at a place where they will accept such games in their loungerooms. Whereas before, even say 3-4 years ago, that was NOT the case.

    So coming in earlier would not have been a viable thing to do. Two great books I’d recommend to anyone are, Dean Takahashi’s ‘Opening The Xbox’, and the excellent ‘Xbox 360 Uncloaked’, (two books I highly recommend any of the team read btw – you can borrow them off me if you like, but not my signed copy from Dean . .okay) as these show the huge amount of forethought that went into both the xbox and the 360 well before even the 1st-gen xbox hiut the stands.


  2. Yeah I understand that as a key to the concerns of the hardcore gamer but you need only look at the attachment rates of the casual Wii (5/system) to the hardcore 360 (8/system) and the huge software sales on the 360 that outstrip the Wii despite a larger install base and outsell the PS3 by more than 2:1. To think MS would sacrifice the latter for the former is silly and I assume they are merely trying to get the best of both worlds.

    Nearly 20m hardcore 360 owners exist currently and happily buy an average of 8 oranges/system. If MS could add a similar 20m casual owners that buy 5apples/system that only means good things for all.

    Of course I would personally welcome a more advanced approach to motion controls whereby a hardcore audience is given the option if they so desire to utilise such controls with hardcore titles. 🙂


  3. I can explain my fear quite simply. I appreciate the feat that Nintendo has accomplished by securing the casual market, and I understand why Microsoft would wish to pursue a similar tactic. But talk to the majority of “hardcore” gamers who own a Wii and you will find that they regret purchasing the thing. Theres just not that much for serious gamers to play. Obviously that can not happen with this model, but I’m more concerned that if they were to meet the amount of commercial success that Nintendo has by targeting the casual gamers, they like many feel Nintendo have, will start ignoring the more serious gamers.
    Thats my rant quota filled for the day.


  4. yes but once its introduced, it will lead to ongoing and more mainstream things. Especially in regards to the Nextbox


  5. Why the fear? I don’t understand why hardcore gamers should fear MS embracing a broader/casual market. It’s not going to compromise hardcore offerings it’s merely there to expand business revenues for the MS gaming division which can only be a good thing for all 360 gamers. If you don’t like the Wii, you don’t have to like the Newton but recognise the business benefits to MS that will have a flow on effect to your own gaming experiences and offerings.

    So long as they don’t take Sony’s Sixaxis approach and force motion controls unto hardcore genres, but rather offer specific motion titles or different control options for hardcore titles, I only see it as a good thing to further expand the 360’s base and strengthen MS as a key gaming leader.


  6. to put it simply, I hate my Wii, wish I never bought it… except for Zelda :P, I really hope this is a move MS does not take.


  7. I fully support MS’s move into motion controls, but on the condition that it is more advanced and offers something beyond the quickly obsolete Wii controls.

    It’s very much my view that Sony and MS have essentially split the hardcore market and will continue to do so. Online hardcore gamers leaning to MS and Media focused hardcore gamers to Sony (BluRay). Meanwhile the Wii is outselling both systems combined not by a percentage but by several multiples! It has the casual market all to itself.

    If Sony or MS wish to extend their core user base beyond the hardcore they need to adapt. To capture the casual market, whom for which at the moment motion controls are very much a necessity. And whilst Nintendo currently enjoys a monopoly the 360 in particular could potentially have a lot of success competing on the basis of a significant cost advantage over Sony and the ability to match the Wii in price and outshine it in terms of hardware.

    However, unlike Oz, I believe that MS need to go beyond the functionality of the Wii. There has to be a point of difference to justify a higher entry price (or for Wii owners, an additional system). I not only hope the technology is different but that the remote doesn’t look anything like the one pictured! Casual consumers are unlikely to notice the differentiation from the Wii. And whilst I don’t believe the Newton will replace the joypad, I do believe it should enhance hardcore gaming experiences. If the motion controls were something like that famously seen in Minority Report and based on the dexterity of the fingers rather than the Wii’s reliance on limbs, we could see the nature of strategy, sports and military based games changed significantly with mouse like controls. If further integrated with voice control (MS rumoured “Lips” peripheral and EndWar’s technology) there could be a true evolution in gaming control and player immersion.

    So whilst I encourage and welcome the motion controls, I expect significant advancements over the Wii and the ability to not only attract the casual market but to get the support of the console’s hardcore base. If it is merely a carbon copy of the Wii, MS will be publicly crucified at E3 and the future of the console will be resigned to a hardcore machine. I have faith that MS does not intend this to be the case and can’t wait for E3! 🙂


  8. I think many are missing the point . .the controller, which is a highly likely prospect, is NOT for everyday gaming or to take the place of the excellent 360 hand controller/joypad (wonder why it got called a ‘joy’pad . .??hmmm) anyway.

    The Newton is aimed at games specifically targeted to family fun and casual gaming, not FPS, TP Adventure, RTS games or racing games etc. If MS want to appeal to more broader audience, they need to open it up to those ppl who see joypads as freakish things that nerds use in their bedrooms.

    Most families are familiar with the longer remote style controllers in their “lounge rooms” which is where both MS and Sony want to end up. NOT IN BEDROOMS people.

    Gamers need to come to grips with the fact that gaming is no longer a bedroom activity as it once was. it’s a mainstream activity, and being that, it can no longer be targeted as a bedroom hobby game activity.

    Just look at MS’s site, does it scream family, or nerdy ‘kids’ in bedrooms with lights off playing games at 2 am in the morning.

    No, it shows families sitting in loungerooms, all enjoying something TOGETHER . . . So get over it, you’ve lost your viginity finally, and gaming has become mainstream, and with it comes change. Live with it.

    End rant


  9. I remain skeptical. I just can not envision it actually being good. The only time I play my wii nowdays I use gamecube controllers anyway. I just find the whole motion sensor thing sort of removes me from the experience.


  10. I love my Wii. I love my 360. I welcome a “wiimote” scheme for use with my 360 games… but I think the design is bad.

    With the Dpad and the buttons in the middle; I hope they sink those outer buttons or else your palms will be causing tons of havok ingame.


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