Bioware: Mass Effect Trilogy Exclusive to 360 – Mass Effect 2 in ’09

Bioware’s Commitment to xbox360 Exclusive Trilogy Official

In the just released September issue of Australian 360, comes the commitment of Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka “to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360“.

Which should read “We said we were committed to supporting Mass Effect as a franchise and have the trilogy on the Xbox 360”


ยฉ2008 Aaron Bertinetti


At the request of Bioware’s Erik Einsiedel, we would like to publicly retract the comment that Ray Muzyka supposedly made re Mass Effect being “Exclusive” to the Xbox360. His actual “comment” (seen above) did not include the word “exclusive” and thus we gladly retract that statement. We’d like to point out however, we simply commented on an article that appeared in the printed media (X360 Magazine Australia which is a sister publication to the UK parent Company under license with Derwent Howard here in Australia) and did not fabricate the comments.

And while his comment is clearly seen as supporting the trilogy on the Xbox 360 for its entirety and beyond, the word “exclusive” was not used, all be it inferred. So we appologize for that.

And just to “Clarify things”, we only reported what was PRINTED in a publication: here is what that publication wrote in it’s latest Issue #4, page 14 which appears in it’s very first paragraph: and I quote:

“Speaking exclusively to 360 at EA’s European Showcase. BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka restated his company’s commitment to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360, despite having been brought up by Electronic Arts and analysts claiming it would go multiplatform.”

Note THEIR use of the word “Exclusively” – NOT ours. We simply reported the fact. It’s a bit like shooting the horse because YOU rode it into something. It wasn’t the horse’s fault, but the rider, and in this case, the magazines.

Speaking exclusively to Australian 360 (syndicated publication to the UK X360 magazine many thanks) at EA’s European Showcase, Muzyka also stated “we said we were committed to supporting Mass Effect as a franchise and have the trilogy on the Xbox 360, and that’s still our goal”, before adding to the question of the trilogy staying exclusive with what appears to be a subtle jibe at Sony, sayingย  “we’re always very ambitious in our goals and the most important thing is quality, so we’re never going to compromise that.”

This is great news for 360 gamers who had feared a different outcome as a result of Bioware being purchased by EA, and is a stark contrast to more recent announcements concerning other third party titles going multiplatform such as Bioware’s Dragon Age and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII.

Not only will the trilogy stay exclusive to the 360, but it will be released entirely on the 360 platform. And for our gaming colleagues who enjoy their PS3’s and Wii’s there’s still hope that they may yet get to experience the wonderful world of Mass Effect, albeit not within the Commander Shepard based trilogy.

“`Australian 360 writes “it was suggested that once the trilogy has closed the IP could begin to move in new directions.” Given the recent confirmation by EA that Bioware is indeed behind the KOTOR 3 MMO project, we have to wonder whether a multiplatform Mass Effect will have a similar fate, or if we see an entirely new trilogy much like the Star Wars prequels/sequels.

But beyond all the console positioning and future IP speculation are some juicy details for the current trilogy that should get fans excited for what appears to be a 2009 release for Mass Effect 2.

Whilst Muzyka would not confirm the ability to import your character from the first Mass Effect into the sequel, he heavily emphasised the importance of the trilogy to be a coherent, narrative whole. Teasing Australian 360 and gamers worldwide, Muzyka said ” you can do it through technology and importing character saves, or you could do it through the natural branch points where things come together and branch off again. A mixture of those two things is probably what we’ll want to do…”

Either way it’s clear Muzyka understands the appeal of Mass Effect amongst fans saying “they like to feel that they’re part of something bigger, something memorable, that has impact and weight.” And it seems the controversy over the admittedly tame sex scenes have done nothing but embolden Bioware’s intent to push storytelling in games into far more mature themes with Myzuka remarking that “stuff like that is proof that games are an emerging art form… and I think that’s incredibly exciting.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Ed Note: Big shout out to our friends at Australian 360 for the juicy details. XboxOZ360 highly recommends you check out the September issue that’s on sale now at newsagents across Australia and includes the full Ray Muzyka interview, a particularly awesome six-page spread on the game vs film divide, and a very nice Gears of War 2 collector’s tin.

ยฉ2008 Aaron Bertinetti

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26 thoughts on “Bioware: Mass Effect Trilogy Exclusive to 360 – Mass Effect 2 in ’09”

  1. @ Nuno

    Thanks mate, but one would think, that if you’re quoting a supposedly reliable source that is supposedly quoting the person they are interviewing, one would assume they have their facts right . .

    Yes yes, I know, assuming makes an ass out of you and me . . . heheheh got that bit.

    We contacted BioWare as soon as they contacted us, and the Author has even sent his views on the matter to the people at BioWare. Hopefully BioWare take the matter up with the SOURCE.

    As you know, trying to get the real news is sometimes difficult, and having people honestly call you to task on things only helps improve the quality of any site, one would think.


  2. Congrats on the update, guys.

    Either way, journalism ethics suggest that you confirm your stories before publishing. That’s one of the problems with information nowadays…


  3. You did of course read that we simply published an article and quoted a printed magazine, NOT created fictional material. We have NO CONTROL over what the print media puts to paper, and we can NOT be held responsible for THEIR actions.

    We get traffic because we at least have the integrity to own up IF we do something wrong, which we did not do, but pointed BioWare in the right direction, which btw, they appreciated/ At least other real news sites like GameDaily got it right by stating we simply published “quotes” from what was in an Australian/UK magazine.

    But perhaps you missed that bit and simply saw the xbox 360 sing and thought we’re just like the rest. Which we are not. At least many of the mature Sony fans that frequent our pages know we’re not biased and will do the right thing if and when needed.

    And show me where the article actually fails . . . it’s also an article about the different RPG’s appearing on the 360. Or did you miss that bit as well ?


  4. lol nice work gents.. anything to get some hits ay?
    article title should be re-named to “EPIC FAIL” ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Introduce a little anarchy… upset the established order… and everything becomes… Chaos…

    hehe sorry perfect line for what is happening here on the site…


  6. The disputed quote in the subtitle is Australian 360’s words and not Muzyka as some have taken it.

    The full Australia 360 quote is “Speaking exclusively to 360 at EA’s European Showcase, Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka restated his company’s commitment to bring the Mass Effect trilogy exclusively to the Xbox 360, despite having been bought up Electronic Arts and analysts claiming it would go multiplatform.”

    We are simply reporting on a fellow publication’s story, hope that clears things up. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I’d just like to stress that this piece was a part of the syndicated content we use from 360 magazine in the UK, so credit for this particular interview should be given to UK 360. You’ll need reach them for confirmation.

    Luke Reilly, Australian 360


  8. This is all such crap. Like someone already stated, even when they say it is “exclusive to 360” that also means PC, so it’s not TECHNICALLY exclusive to jack shit.


  9. First off, Dragon Age, the game coming to PC’s in early early 2009, is a PC exclusive title, what Bioware said said before at E3 this year was that there *could be a console game based in the Dragon Age world, but NOT this Dragon age, which is a computer RPG all the way.

    Secondly, Mass Effect 2 is slated for a PC release as well, so it’s not a 360 exclusive, unless you are disregarding the platform altogether, which would be pretty f’ing stupid. This whole “console” exclusivity is BS, reminds me of a child’s mentality.


  10. espoac, maybe your the one who is wishful thinking. He said the trilogy was made for the 360 and will stay that way, how doesnt that say its still exclusive? what you want him to spell it out too?


  11. While this is all fine and dandy, EA has the deciding factor on whether this game stays exclusive or not. Most likely the franchise will finish on the console, but EA will still bring the games over to PS3. EA is a multiplatform company, why make X amounts of dollars when you can make XX amounts of dollars with both platforms.

    Plus, just like Bioshock, neither game was a system seller, with existing 360 owners buying the game, whereas the game would be reason enough for some to own a PS3.


  12. Mass Effect 2 is not exclusive since it’s also coming to PC.

    And Dragon Age: Origins is exclusive to PC, and will stay PC because not only is the gameplay not feasible for gamepads, but the engine would have to be remade since it does not support Xbox 360.

    Kotor MMO has only been announced for PC for now.


  13. “Exclusive”?
    Where? What? Who?

    It will be on Xbox360, and quality is a goal.
    Therefore… Xbox exclusive? ๐Ÿ˜›

    VERY wishful thinking.


  14. It says NOTHING about being exclusive. It does say they want it on the 360 platform, and that quality is the most important thing, but where the heck are you getting that it’s exclusive? I can’t believe that you read into it like that. To me, it sounds more than ever that they haven’t secured it yet exclusively for the 360 and that a PS3 version might have a shot.


  15. I don’t see where he says ME will stay exclusive to 360. Am I missing something? He says he wants the trilogy to be on 360 not that he doesn’t want it on other consoles. Do we have a small case of wishful thinking here?


  16. Seriously great news. Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, KOTOR 3 and Jade Empire 2 (?) for 360 in ’09!

    Bioware (and EA) FTW! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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