Love Indie Gaming? ‘Grab It’ is the App for you


New Digital Magazine Showcases the Best in Indie Gaming!

Grab It“, a new digital magazine from Chris Stead, was designed to shine a light on the creative and innovative work being done in indie and mobile game development circles.

The idea behind the app is to help gamers to find exciting indie and mobile games they may have missed or never come across normally, but also, as the audience grows, to help developers get their games recognised in the wider media. Chris, coming from over 17 years of industry experience, has created a real good thing here. After reading through it myself I found the design is quite intuitive, really well made for the iPad format. Similarly the features and reviews are all quite well put together, with clever and interesting writing.

The official details for the magazine, including pricing and the goals are outlined in the press release below;

Old Mate Media today announces version 1.0 of ‘Grab It’, a ground-breaking game discovery App, featuring coverage of over 40 games, each with their own purchase links and many with developer interviews and videos. Available on the App Store for only $4.49, it is jammed with over 15-hours of content, featuring 14 exclusive interviews, 22 detailed reviews, 5 huge features and plenty more. Grab It offers iPad owners an alternate way to find great new games while also giving the best independent developers another avenue to get their game noticed. We guarantee, you’ve never experienced anything like Grab It before.

Grab It leverages the interactivity of a touch screen App while also providing compelling content to delve deeper into mobile gaming, finding undiscovered gems and talking to the creative minds behind them. Coupled with videos, animations and a bevy of interactive elements, the App is almost a game unto itself. All games mentioned in Grab It are accompanied by a button which sends the reader directly to that game on the App Store. The potential for smaller developers to get their games to an audience is massive within Grab It, the type of media coverage usually only reserved for triple-A blockbuster console titles.

With an established audience, Grab It has the potential to become a powerful tool for both large and small developers to get their games noticed. Within the App, out of the 40 games featured, there is guaranteed to be quite a few where the content will inspire the reader to pick up and try the game. This is why it was created, to help promote and nurture the independent gaming scene and with your help, it can fulfil that purpose.

At the moment only the first issue has been released and Chris has started the “Get Grab It to 5000” initiative to determine the validity and financial stability of continued magazine production. If the magazine can sell 5000 copies production can and will go ahead on this very worthwhile publication. As an added incentive, Grab it magazine will be giving away titles featured in the magazine to people who share and promote the magazine on the home page every day!

The magazine is a bargain for the price, full of high quality design and writing, if you check it out be sure to share it with friends and associates to make sure Grab It goes ahead!  The Grab It app is now available to buy on the app store today for iPads, costing $4.49.


Published by

Jayden Perry

Writes words about games & esports at @RespawnNinja. Communication & Media student @ UoW. @_JaydenPerry

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